Safe huh?

Safe huh?

Don’t try this at home or anywhere! Just don’t! okay? Haha


Why we commit mistakes?

images (9)I know deep inside me that mistakes are part of our life! i know very well that this mistakes can make us stronger, this can help us to be molded well for us to endure the future mistakes or failure we have to commit again. and of course to be a better person. i know that very well.. and.. its hard.. its really hard when someone really close to you got hurt because of what you have done. that someone sacrifices a lot because of you. a good person, that has been very good to you for a long time. that person who has given you the life you have right now. that person who who worked hard just for you to continue your studies.. it hurts a lot when i see him sacrificing his own studies because of that single mistake. i just don’t know what to do. i really wanted to help him but there’s nothing i can do but to tear my heart into pieces whenever i hear that see might not graduate this school year because of me. me, who he sends to school to study. me. me… stupid me!

i know the answers and yet i’m still asking why.. I am really losing my mind right now. i don’t know what to do. i don’t know what to think. i just don’t know….

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